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Cloud Engineering

Cloud Strategy

From small to large, every organization seeks to be cloud-efficient today. It’s because Cloud Computing brings a great deal of agility, flexibility and convenience to the table. DataD Solutions, Inc. has consistently delivered cloud-based solutions to companies over the years. DataD Solutions, Inc. offers a surfeit of cloud-based services that have been designed to meet a wide array of requirements. Whether it's to solve a problem, create a plan or enhance existing infrastructure, DataD Solutions, Inc. is where you find it all.

Cloud Optimization & Security Hardening

Our in-house experts are ready to interact with your company to understand your requirements and define optimal cloud-based architecture. In the process, your infrastructure is made secure and future-proof in order to help your company charge ahead no matter the challenge.

Cloud Adoption & Migration

Choice is key - be it with the perfect cloud or an assortment of clouds. Controlling migration can turn extremely complicated. DataD Solutions, Inc. provides the expertise that best suits your company and helps you deploy solutions that ensures true ROIs. We undertake migration of your applications and jobs while mitigating risks and keeping business uninterrupted. Post migration, we enable seamless transitions into management etc.

Cloud Technology


From on-premise data centers to private and hyperscale clouds, SaaS applications and more, everything is brought forth as a package to help create a solution that’s multi-faceted

We will provide our inputs, envision and set up the finest infrastructure for your IT space. As a result, you can leverage the scalability of the public cloud face uncertainty with traffic. You can also implement our advanced technologies for those that call for low latency and activate essential applications on your company’s private cloud for enhanced fortification.

Public Cloud

Bespoke and versatile cloud deliverables to speed up and smoothen your transformation. The road to the Public Cloud is quite an uphill one. DataD Solutions, Inc. addresses all your requirements ranging from application types to security while setting the perfect roadmap for your company.

From architecture design to deployment, support, management, optimization and engineering, our team of professionals are with your company, all the way.

Private Cloud

A majority of companies have existing multi-cloud setups. While public cloud service is deemed necessary, there’s a tangible reliance on datacenters and legacy suites. With a significant amount of expertise in VMware, Microsoft and Citrix - in public and private modules, our professionals are trained to deliver what your company is looking for.

Software Engineering

Certified expertise. That’s what your company can expect from DataD Solutions. Our firm has provided software services to organizations across the industrial landscape. We have a team of professionals, thoroughly vetted and trained, to deliver their sophisticated expertise to your company.

Our expertise in programming languages runs the gamut:

  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • C#
  • Perl
  • Rust
  • PHP
  • Go


User Experience Design

Journey, usability and functionality are the cornerstones of user experience. All of which are considered from soup to nuts. From user journey to precise wireframes, DataD Solutions is ready to support your company’s endeavors in ensuring a unique experience.

User Interface Design

Our team is complete with UI and graphic designers and those with an eye for art. Coalescing our strength with the newest trends, we come up with insightful interfaces that are aimed at maximum engagement.

From System Designs to Illustrations, Mockups and A/B Testing, we do it all.

Visual Design

Our web design process involves planning, structuring, strategic ergonomic navigation and implementing design systems to create web designs with a mobile-first approach to design website interfaces. We create web experiences customized to target demographics to achieve website goals.

From UI Elements to Visual Language, Responsive Designs, Visual Hierarchies and Functionalities, we have you covered.